Sally Beauty Nail Wall at The Dallas Museum of Art

Experiential Marketing & Partnership


As longtime beauty product experts, Sally Beauty decided it was high time to revamp the nail polish shopping experience. Research revealed that consumers found searching for the perfect polish to be a bit of grind since they were organized by brand rather than color. Enter the nail wall, a color-coordinated display that clearly laid out every chromatic possibility. But how to get the word out?


Finding that ideal color can be a flash of inspiration. So we took that notion of inspiration one step—well, over 6,000 steps—further. We partnered with the Dallas Museum of Art to recreate Monet’s Water Lilies using over 6,000 meticulously placed bottles of polish. Over the course of an evening, art and beauty lovers were invited to help us bring our homage to life. The masterpiece popped with color and, best of all, consumers learned all about Sally’s innovative nail wall.

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